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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

Why choose the Mediterranean Dental Clinic ?

The right reasons to choose our dental clinic

1. The Mediterranean Dental Clinic : a hi-tech dental clinic

Our dental clinic collaborates with HCB (Hospital Clinica Benidorm), a private ultra-modern hospital, which offers high-quality multi-disciplinary health care, modelled on what exists in the USA. Our patients can take advantage on-site of all of the services of the hospital: surgical operations under conscious sedation or general anesthesia by nasal intubation, managed by a team of anesthetists in the operating rooms and hospitalization if necessary. This infrastructure provides undeniable security for our patients specifically concerning anesthesia under sedation or general anesthesia which are not insignificant acts and which, we consider, require medical and technological care which can only be provided by a public or private hospital.

2. The medical team: highly qualified dental surgeons

Each of our dental surgeons working in our dental clinic is specialised in their domain.

Each clinical case is studied with the objective of total rehabilitation where each of the professionals will play their role as a specialist in order to optimise both in rapidity and quality of treatment. This is proven by the short time lapse for dental treatment.

3. The material: quality dentures and dental implants

We use the best dental implant systems, made in Germany and internationally recognised. They offer a solid scientific base, innovating continuously, and organising conferences worldwide, as they have the means, as opposed to "low-cost" dental implants where the machining of parts is imperfect and the fragility of the companies does not guaranty long-term follow-up of parts.

We functionally, aesthetically and temporally optimise our treatments thanks to a team of dental prosthetic technicians trained with the latest techniques of aesthetic denture implants. All of the dentures are made according to European norms and have a traceability sheet. One of the laboratories that we work with has an exceptional centre of laser milling for titanium.

4. The care: top-notch dental care

Our clinic unites all of the odonto-stomatology specialties and specifically oral implantology directed by a specialist trained in France, Germany and the USA.

5. The protocol: pre-and post-operative care

You are "taken charge of" starting with the first on-line contact by our patient relations director, Coralie Lecocq, who welcomes your personally upon your arrival at the airport. She can take care of reserving our beautiful apartment specially fitted-out or a hotel in Benidorm, according to your needs. Coralie will be available during your entire stay.

Once on site, the team of dental surgeons and hygienists will perform the planned treatment. You will be seen regularly during your dental stay in Spain in order to guarantee total success of your dental care.

After your departure, we continue to check in with you regularly and hope to see you once a year for a control visit, which includes maintenance of the dental implants and the dentures.

Prices: our dental care at affordable prices

Our structure and latest generation technical support centre allows us to provide complex implant treatment at affordable prices as they represent an economy of about 50% as compared to prices for dental care in, for example, France or Great Britain.

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