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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

Mediterranean Dental Institute offers you the Cerec Premium System

The CEREC PREMIUM system now allows you to perform your ceramic restoration in one sitting, starting with digital impressions, until the placement of a dental or implant crown, a veneer, an inlay-onlay or a bridge, all with All-ceram materials.

Photo 1 – Digital impressions and 3D viewing in natural colors

First of all, the digital impressions are taken with the CEREC Omnicam, a small camera in color, which permits a powder-free scanning. The scanned areas are then projected in 3D on a screen where we can watch them in natural colors.

Photo 2 – Restoration proposal by Cerec software

Based on teeth scanning, CEREC software generates a patient-specific restoration proposal, taking into account the existing morphology of the teeth. Once the restoration design is completed and validated by Dr. Higuero, manufacturing can begin.

Photo 3 – Machining of the restoration design by the Cerec MC XL milling unit

The CEREC milling and grinding unit and the CEREC software are specially synchronized with each other. The machining of the restoration design is therefore accurate and very precise, making it possible to obtain edges and smooth surfaces as well as very thin fissures.

Photo 4 – The crown is sintered in the Cerec SpeedFire oven

The crown is finally sintered and glazed in the CEREC SpeedFire oven, which receives the order by the software with all the necessary information.

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