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Guided dental surgery: total transparency of our dental care

For your laser dental surgery, we use the latest computer software allowing us to provide you with quick procedures that are unable to be matched precision-wise. By providing you with information on our protocol, we want to insure total transparency for your implant surgery. From our infrastructures, to our services or our dental rates, we want to provide you with the most minute details. Questions ? Don't hesitate! We will answer immediately !

Programme de chirurgie dentaire Espagne - Soins dentaires

Simplant® dental surgery software

In certain cases, the American software Simplant® allows the installation of dental implants and fixed dental prostheses, immediately or within 24 to 48 hours. This system combined with Expertease from Dentsply-Friadent allows dental surgery without incisions or stitches, thus avoiding the post-operative pain of conventional surgery.

From a scan of the jawbone, we make a virtual planning view of the dental implant surgery and a real one of the implant-supported restoration.

Surgery using this guided technology will enable, thanks to this software :

Advantages in relation to the conventional "free-hand placement" technique :

  • perfect planning
  • safe operation due to extreme operative precision (10 times better than the conventional technique)
  • faster operation
  • possibility without incisions
  • placement of temporary dentures as soon as operation is completed

In addition, we are pioneers in Europe in the use of a sophisticated dental image treatment software : from a picture of your original smile, we show you your future smile while respecting your aesthetic preferences.


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