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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

A recognised dental clinic

Integrated top range hospital services

To provide you with the best dental care in Spain, and cover all of the steps of your procedure, the Mediterranean Dental Clinic has decided to integrate all of the necessary services. Therefore, we provide you with cutting edge medical imagery, a clinical laboratory and several operating theatres equipped with state-of-the-art technology. By combining the high quality infrastructures of a dental clinic with the widely-recognised know-how of our dental surgeons,we offer dental care in Spain which perfectly meets your expectations.

Une clinique dentaire haute technologieThe medical imagery department has the most avant-garde technology from Philips Medical Systems in the world in terms of scanners, MRIs and digital panoramic radiography.
Une clinique dentaire haute technologieSterilisation is done in the latest generation of hospital autoclaves and chemiclaves respecting European norms.
Une clinique dentaire haute technologieThe clinical laboratory deals with blood or tissue work rapidly. A computerised system allows for follow-up of samples in real time, including the interpretation of results and the medical biologist's report.
Une clinique dentaire haute technologieThe clinic was designed to bring maximum comfort to patients who are operated on and their families. In case of hospitalisation, the clinic has 4 floors with 27 rooms and a suite with a sitting room.
Une clinique dentaire haute technologieFor complex dental surgery, be it under conscious sedation or general anaesthesia with nasal intubation, the centre has, with over 1500 m2, several operating theatres all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Dental care in Spain: very interesting price-quality ratio

In order to be sure to provide total satisfaction, the Mediterranean Dental Clinic accompanies you throughout all your dental care in Spain...and after! From the initial on-line contact to the post-operative follow-up including the initial appointment...Our dental surgeons follow your case on a personal basis. In our recognised dental clinic you are sure to have the best dental care available at very competitive rates ! Check our rates : dental bridges rates et dentures rates.

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