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The Mediterranean Dental Clinic answers your questions

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root in titanium which is placed in the bone, in place of the missing tooth.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

The main advantage of a dental implant is to avoid wearing removable dentures or reducing the size of the remaining teeth in order to construct a dental bridge.

What are the inconveniences of dental implants?

The main inconvenience linked to the placement of a dental implant is the waiting time necessary for the placement of the permanent dentures and the small inconveniences of dental surgery.

What is the total protocol for the placement of a dental implant in Spain?

In general there are two steps: the placement of the dental implant followed by the positioning of the teeth. But thanks to modern techniques, more and more often, we can do the entire procedure with only one operation. For the lower jaw, practically in 100% of the cases and in 80% of the cases for the upper jaw.

How many appointments does the positioning of the tooth require after placement of the dental implant in Spain?

If there is only one tooth, two 20-minute appointments are generally enough. In certain cases, thanks to protocols which we use, we can place the dental implants and position the teeth during the same appointment. In other cases, we can even place the dental implants without requiring any incisions or stitches.

Is the placement of dental implants painful?

In the days which follow the procedure, you will feel a light discomfort but there is no pain due to the technique used and the medicine prescribed.

What are the possible complications of the placement of dental implants?

The same as any surgery, if instructions are followed, complications are almost non-existent.

How is the placement of the dental implants done?

Dental implants are placed in the operating theatre, in strictly aseptic conditions, in order to avoid any exogenous infection. The placement of dental implants is done under local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia depending on the complexity of the clinical case.

What is the service life of a dental implant placed in your dental clinic?

In general, the service life of a dental implant is "for life". Of course, like natural teeth, daily hygiene and regular maintenance visits to your dentist are necessary.

What is the failure rate of dental implant placements?

Among all existing dental care, the placement of dental implants is the treatment with the highest success rate: according to studies 98% on the lower jawbone and 95% on the upper jawbone.
If osseointegration does not happen, the removal of the dental implant is necessary and a new implant is placed two months later.

What type of dental implant do you suggest?

In our dental clinic in Spain, we use proven brands which are well-known internationally. We are opposed to the use of "low-cost" dental implants often used in countries where dental tourism is frequent.

How long does the dental implant placement procedure take?

Nowadays, for the lower jaw, in almost all cases, dental implants and teeth can be placed and positioned on the same day, or at the latest within 48 hours. For the upper jaw where the bone density is generally lower, due to its embryological origin, in half of the cases, it is possible. If not, a waiting period of 3 to 6 months must be observed, between the placement of dental implants and the positioning of the teeth.

Can everyone benefit from the placement of dental implants?

Contrary to popular belief, age is absolutely not a contraindication. The state of health can is some rare cases constitutes a contraindication: non-controlled diabetes, severe cardiopathies, known immuno-defiencies, for example. The main limitation concerns the lack of bone volume: we can compensate for this problem by doing bone grafts. Thus the importance of the first appointment which, thanks to computer programming, allows us to plan in the smallest details all of the steps of the dental care in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Are there techniques which increase the possibilities of placement of dental implants?

We employ all of the scientifically proven techniques: use of computer guided dental surgery, growth factors (PRP), sinus lift by piezosurgery, bone grafts and resorbable membranes. We are among the first in Europe to do in one sitting the placement of dental implants and the dentures without any incisions thanks to the combined use of computer-assisted surgery and the Astratech implant system.

What is involved with the use of growth factors?

From the patient's blood, we obtain, by centrifugation, a platelet concentrate, which, once put in contact with living tissue will induce the acceleration of cellular differentiation, causing quicker and better quality regeneration of both bones and gums. This process is simple, quick, and inexpensive, totally biological and our personnel is perfectly qualified to do it.

What is involved with the sinus lift technique?

It's a question of increasing the bone volume in the maxillary sinus area in order to place simultaneously or at a later date the dental implants. As a function of the amount of residual bone, different techniques are used. The great number of sinus lifts done and the use of piezosurgery combined with magnification allow us to obtain for this delicate procedure a high rate of success.

What are the conditions required in complex cases?

In the case where conscious sedation or general anaesthesia is required, our opinion is unequivocal: a hospital structure, with a team of anaesthetists and the adjoining infrastructure (modern operating theatres, recovery rooms, rooms in case of hospitalisation) is absolutely necessary in order to deal with any pre- or post-operative problem linked to anaesthesia. These means are available at our dental clinic in Spain.


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