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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

Preoperative step

An essential step to prepare your dental travel to Spain

This step regroups 3 major moments of the treatment established for your dental care in our clinic.

1. Online contact

Fill out the on-line contact form, as specifically as possible.

2. Contact by telephone

One of the members of our dental team will contact you by telephone personally. They will answer all of your questions and give you a price for the first appointment.

In any case, we will try to establish a treatment plan and a cost estimate for your dental care from the panoramic x-rays of your teeth that you will have sent us.

3. First appointment

The first appointment for your dental care in Spain is an important step for complex cases, from when every step will be defined.

It is also a mandatory legal-medical step, as from this step, a diagnostic, treatment plan and cost estimate are established subject to a reflection period of 15 days before any operation.

When the clinical case is simple, this first appointment takes place the day before the operation (placement of a dental implant, dentures, …), making a first visit to Spain unnecessary: from the panoramic dental x-ray, an approximate cost estimate and treatment plan will be sent to you without requiring a visit.

Made up of several objectives :

Initial contact :

  • Connaitre votre motif de consultation est essentiel car il va définir notre ligne de travail.
  • Etablir une relation de confiance praticien-patient.

Medical questionnaire :

There are only a few absolute contraindications concerning the placement of a dental implant, however we attach great importance to any existing general health problem, medication taken or medical allergies for example.

In our dental clinic we treat cases that are impossible to treat in a city office, either due to the complexity (certain bone grafts), the medical or medicinal context: our hospital infrastructure gives us the possibility as all of the medical specialties are represented, guaranteeing security for our patients.

Clinical examination :

It's a matter of being aware in the most minute details of any extra-oral or dental problems. An intra-oral camera helps with these explications.

Extra- and intra-oral photographs taken :

This helps us in the study of the viability of therapeutic possibilities. We define an initial state and discuss with the patient the possibility of each treatment option.

Starting with a photograph of the patient's smile, we obtain, with imagery software, the future photo of the smile which will serve as a model for the dental prosthetic technician, once the treatment is entirely completed.

Making imprints, moulds and mounting on an articulator :

Imprints of the 2 jawbones are done in order to make the plaster moulds of the teeth.
They are then mounted on an articulator (device which simulates the movements of the jaw) to assess the initial situation and explain the future treatment.

X-ray and scan evaluation :

It includes a panoramic dental x-ray which will be adequate in simple cases and a scan for more complex cases, in particular when the amount of remaining bone for the placement of the dental implant is limited. The scan provides 3D images of the remaining bone volume, informs us of the bone density and allows the ideal positioning of the teeth in the bone thanks to the Simplant 3D reconstruction.

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