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Institut Dentaire Mediterraneen

Dental care available at our dental clinic in Spain

Dental implants, dental prostheses, dental veneer...

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Dental surgery in Spain: patients taken care of on a personalised basis

Each patient has their own characteristics! For irreproachable dental surgery, the Institut Dentaire Méditerranéen scrupulously studies each case and proposes adapted dental care. Be it a dental bone graft for an insufficient bone volume, implant surgery under general anaesthesia or the placement of a dental implant using the flapless technique... We guarantee operations carried out by teams of recognised dental surgeons using the latest generation of infrastructures.

Implant surgery in Spain: a team of dental surgeons at your service

Comfortable room, operating theatres, use of a software program for quicker and more precise operations…The Mediterranean Dental Clinic guarantees its patients dental care and equipment that are top quality for their implant surgery. On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, take advantage of the know-how of a team of professionals! Be it for a simple case or a complex bone graft, we will accompany you from the initial contact until after the dental operation.

Treatment of complex dental care in Spain in our dental clinic

1. Insufficient bone volume

Based on the bone deficit, we do an autogenous bone graft taken intra-orally or extra-orally (from the hip bone) or we use bone substitutes if the loss is minor. If the bone deficit concerns the maxillary sinuses we do a sinus lift (sinus bone graft), using piezosurgery which significantly increases the success rates of this operation in delicate dental surgery.

2. Computer assisted surgery

Thanks to the use of the software program and the ExpertEase® from Denstsply-Friadent guided surgery, it is possible in certain cases to place the dental implants followed immediately by the placement of the temporary fixed dentures; these being made extemporaneously.

3. Incision-free dental surgery

The combined use of the Simplant® software and the ExpertEase® system from Dentsply-Friadent also allow the placement of dental implants without any incisions or stitches which removes the uncomfortable pain risks of conventional surgery. To do this we use mucous contact surgical guides, made using a software program. The surgical phase can then, on a case to case basis, be followed by the immediate placing or deferred placing (24 to 48 hours) of the temporary fixed dentures.

4. Operations under sedation or general anaesthesia

If the dental surgery is scheduled to be a long operation, it takes place in one of the modern operating theatres of the Levante Hospital, with the team of anaesthesists, guarantee of undeniable security for our patients. If the surgery does not exceed three hours, we combine local anaesthesia with conscious sedation. This consists in the intravenous injection of a minor tranquilliser and analgesic which frees the patient from their anxiety and pain, optimises local anaesthesia and allows the patient to remain in verbal contact with the surgeon. The patient stays in the observation room for one or two hours and does not need hospitalisation. If the operation lasts over three hours, the patient is operated on under general anaesthetic and must be hospitalised over night.

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