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Dentures: what you should know

Dentures: a complete and advantageous offer

Couronne dentaire : prothèse dentaire

Once the implants are osseo-integrated, you have two options to replace the missing teeth :

  • Either removable dentures clipped on a trans-screwed bar or on snaps
  • Or dentures fixed on the implants, called a bridge. . This fixing process is either done with screws (trans-screwed bridge) or with sealing (cemented bridge).
To replace one single tooth, the cemented or trans-screwed crown will be used. The use of each method depends on the clinical case.

Price of dentures in Spain: Smile again !

Couronne dentaire Espagne

The Mediterranean Dental Clinic offers attractive prices for dentures in Spain! ! In addition to our competitive prices, our top-notch equipment and team, we use the latest generation of dentures. Our materials and biomaterials are worldly-recognised brands and offer you the necessary security. Our dentures are guaranteed 5 years. With the price of our dentures, have no doubt: you will quickly be smiling again!


Prices of our dentures

Abutments and denture components Price
Dentsply-Friadent straight ** or angled trans-screwed titanium abutment 200 €
metal ceramic crown sealed on an abutment 350 €
temporary crown in resin sealed on an abutment 50 €
temporary crown in resin trans-screwed on implant 75 €
complete bridge (8 implants and 12 to 14 teeth) temporary reinforced sealed in resin 650 €
complete bridge (8 implants and 12 teeth) permanent metal ceramic 4200 €
bridge on trans-screwed Branemark abutments (on 5 implants) temporary to the jawbone 1500 €
bridge on trans-screwed Branemark abutments (on 5 implants) permanent to the jawbone 4000 €


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