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Reimbursement dental care: dental implants, dentures

Everything you need to know to be correctly covered for your dental care in Spain

Dental implants are not covered by French social security (national health programme), some private additional insurance companies cover one or more dental implants, sometimes with an annual ceiling on the number or the total amount.

Coverage of dental care abroad: what does the French national health programme (CPAM) say?
If your CPAM tells you that dental care abroad is not covered, which happens frequently, tell them that it is no longer a question of "programmed" or "unforeseen" dental care, both are now covered.

For dental care abroad, it is not your local CPAM who will treat your request but the Social Security centre in Vannes in the Morbihan (the CNSE: National Centre for Care Abroad).

Procedure before dental care
Contact your private additional insurance company to find out if they cover dental care abroad (in Europe only: Spain, …) and to what extent. Get information concerning the coverage of dental implants. Ask them for CPAM contributions regarding the free dental cost estimate provided. We will provide a detailed document which you can send to your private additional health insurance company. You will then have an estimate of the dental coverage from the Social Security and your private additional health insurance.

Procedure after dental care
Here are the documents you must send to your CPAM (Social Security)

  • Panoramic dental x-rays before dental care
  • Panoramic dental x-rays after dental care
  • Invoice paid to the dental clinic
  • French Social Security Contributions
  • Form S3125 completed by the patient: see / download form 3125

Send these documents to YOUR CPAM who will send them to Vannes. Suggestion: Keep the original receipts (credit card, bank statement if paid in cash).

Keep the invoices of the plane tickets and other invoices attesting to your dental travel in Spain. Make a copy of the documents you send to your CPAM.

Coverage of dental care by Social Security

Here are some examples of contributions and the dental coverage by the French Social Security:


Dental care provided Coverage Contribution
Bridge 1 to 3 teeth on dental implants SPR30 64,50€
Bridge 4 teeth on dental implants SPR35 75,25€
Bridge 5 teeth on dental implants SPR40(following + 5) 86,00€
Bridge - total - 12 teeth SPR75 161,25€
Metal-ceramic crown on tooth SPR50 107,50€
Zirconium crown on tooth SPR50 107,50€
Tartar removal SC12 28,92€
Digital panoramic dental x-rays Z21 27,93€
Tooth extraction DC16(suivantes DC8) 33,44€ puis 16,72€
Root canal treatment SC14 à SC34 33,74€ à 81,94€

Unclassified - Hors Nomenclature(HN): dental implant, abutment on implant, bone graft, periodontal curettage, scan, temporary teeth, mouthpiece, …

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